What is The GYM?

We are more than just a gym on the Outer Banks. We are computer techs. We are mothers. We are ministers, chefs, photographers, waiters, lawyers, writers, small business owners and cops. And yes, there are even a few fighters.

We are people just like you.

We are The GYM.

Are You Ready For a Change?

Are you looking for something different? Do you want something that compels you to workout? Or maybe you’re tired of going to a boring gym where the person at the desk doesn’t even know your name, and your workout routine is the same thing, over and over again, day after day?

Sounds like you need a change. Sounds like you need The GYM.

The GYM isn’t just another gym on the Outer Banks.

We are a way of life.

Are Your Ready To Succeed?

People from all different backgrounds come here, searching for a new way to find fitness on the Outer Banks. Then they find us and their search is over. Why?

Because we know our members, and we work with them. We don’t just throw you in a room and expect you to figure it out. We will teach you how to properly lift weights, stretch, punch, how to kick, how to work out in an entirely new way that works. We will even give you nutritional guidance to help you reach your goals of weight loss or gain. No matter what shape you are in, you are welcome here.

We want you to succeed.

Welcome to the Best Support Group on the OBX

And it’s not just the instructors who want you to find success. Everyone at The GYM will support you. Our members find new friends and forge new relationships all the time, whether it’s in the ring or on the mat.

There is no room for boredom at The GYM. Every instructor has their own method of teaching, and no two classes are alike. And no other exercise regimen on the Outer Banks will give you the same results as ours.

Yes, it’s tough. You will be tired. You will be sore. You will be completely spent.

But when you’re done, you’ll know the taste of success.

And it tastes good.