Going To Cincinnati? Stop by Jorge Gurgel MMA Academy!

Our own Morrison Butler with Jorge Gurgel at JG MMA in Cincinnati

Our own Morrison Butler with Jorge Gurgel at JG MMA in Cincinnati

It's funny how the world is indeed a small place...

Some time ago, Morrison was running the KnuckleUp gyms in Atlanta, and basically ruling the MMA scene down there.

In one of their shows, he met Jorge Gurgel, who's not only a great fighter, but a successful gym owner as well (over 12 affiliated clubs across the US).

Fast forward to last September - one of Morrison's former KnuckleUp colleagues moves to Cincinnati to take the Sales Manager position at ... Jorge Gurgel MMA Academy!

Of course, while in Ohio, Morrison went to Jorge's school and took some pictures for us. He managed to get with UFC headliner Rich Franklin (who's Jorge's BFF - according to Jorge), and had a pretty tough training session there.

The cool thing is that JG MMA is now implementing KnuckleUp's kickboxing classes into their MMA program in Cincinnati - and they got a brand new bag room just for it (check out the pictures below).

So if you're ever up North, wondering where to train, dont think twice: JG MMA has the best mma classes in Cincinnati!

And if you're not looking for mma, you can continue your kickboxing workouts in Cincinnati as well.

Learn all about their mma program here: http://www.gurgelmma.com & about their kickboxing classes here: http://www.gurgelfitness.com

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